Friday 2 June 2023
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L'Université de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquées Libano-Française
L'Université de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquées Libano-Française
جامعة التكنولوجيا والعلوم التطبيقية اللبنانية الفرنسية

ULF alumni

ULF Alumni is founded to play its important role to higher education institutions and how the University can create meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with its graduates
ULF believes that by maintaining good relationships with our alumni contributes to our success. In our views, alumni serve many important roles, such as helping to promote the University, provide mentoring, internships, and career opportunities to fellow students. These are just a few among many reasons why alumni are important to the success of our University, which are becoming more accountable for job placement rates.
We are convinced that our alumni bring in needed revenue through donations, attendance at social events and activities, etc., which can help the University generate sound resources which could be injected in its students’ scholarships funds, research and teaching and learning facilities improvements.

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Administrative Board Composition: Ali Joud Adonis Bey Alissar Nuha Bey Alaa Mouhamad Mourad Hussein Alameddine Jack Melhem Judy Zreik Sara Harmouch Solange Ayoube