Saturday 1 April 2023
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L'Université de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquées Libano-Française
L'Université de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquées Libano-Française
جامعة التكنولوجيا والعلوم التطبيقية اللبنانية الفرنسية

Internship Reports

2019-2022 Internship/ Training Report

Our university has a high performance in the activity of internship and training.

To give an example actually we have 11 students from the telecom department pursuing online training with OGERO the Lebanese state Telephone and Telecom co., this is a leading experience never tried before in our country.

Despite the political upheaval and the corona pandemic we managed from 2019 until today to continue sending students from all the university departments to internship and training.

This task is very difficult because many companies stopped their activity or reduced it drastically.

Also we have to take in consideration the fact that the internal political situation in Lebanon is very bad, the currency lost about 80% of its value transportation costs and energy cost sky rocketed by an increase of 9 to 10 folds

Nevertheless here are the main companies and societies we managed to send trainees to:

  • Banque   du Liban (State central Bank)
  • Abouchi auditing office
  • Hospital ( Public Hospital Orange Nassou)
  • Tripoli Municipality (City Hall)
  • Credit bank
  • Beirut international airport
  • Tripoli sea port
  • Gulf trainer: Tripoli container terminal
  • OGERO: State telecom Company
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Kadisha: Tripoli electrical power plant
  • Electricité du Liban: State power
  • ARKAN: Engineering Office
  • Khatib and Alami: Consultant Engineering office
  • Mawlawi Engineering Office
  • BUS: Electrical contracting co
  • Hello: Consultant and Design
  • Matelec: Electrical equipment manufacturing
  • EDSO: electrical and mechanical constructions
  • Heec: electrical and mechanical constructions
  • Bakir telecom: Electrical supplying co
  • Imad electrical: electrical installaters
  • Narciss bros: mechanical constractors
  • The Lebanese co for Dry Dock and Vessel construction
  • Powertech: Telecom Optic fiber installator